Our "second ace" we get from the sleeve is the painter and installation artist Christine Kummer

With a strong starting point in delicate, reduced (left-handed) drawings on used paper - they impress us very much! - Christine Kummer developes and translates new abstrakt topics in concrete art works.

In the minimalist design of our exhibition, Christine Kummer uses coloured straight lines and patterns on two different image carriers: glass and aluminium. These new works of Kummer are not easily classificable in any one direction. They are "modern" in the fresh sense of the word. Induced by their strong geometric forms and language they could seem to move in this liminal zone, that connects Concrete art, graphic design and achitecture. This dialogue and contact combining  art and technology in a functional and aesthetically new design has one origin in the more recent art history: the famous Bauhaus and esspecially Ittens cromatics.  An other part provides our present visual memory with the conceptual colour panels of Gerhard Richter or Rosemarie Trockel. Kummers artworks however - for example "Developing" or  "Breezing"- are in any way independent creations of best contemporary art with an outstanding character, that must be enjoyed by our senses. Not least because of a strong emotional reference that brings us back to the signs and symbols, the essence of her drawings.   

The exhibition will take place in a sensational and unique location: the chapel and the courtyard of Saulburg Castle! 

Opening: Wolfgang Graf Strachwitz

The artist will be present


Christine Kummer

Neue Arbeiten

  • Saturday 25. July 2015, 12 a.m. until 7 p.m. (Vernissage: Special guests only)
  • Opening: Wolfgang Graf Strachwitz
  • Sunday 26. July 2015, 11 a.m. until 7 p.m
  • Location: Schloss Saulburg, 94344 D-Wiesenfelden near Straubing

on glass_chr.kummer

on paper I

on paper II

on paper III

on paper IV_(I-IV)_chr.kummer