interspace//  paintings between East and west

Our world is in a state of emergency. With Paris Attack on friday 11/13 people througout Europe had to make the very painful experience  of their own 9/11.

Unexpected numbers of unprooted people-political refugees and migrants-appeal to our helpfulness and show us at the same time quite plainly the instability of Western values and the decline of European solidarity.

In the People's Republik of China today 200 Millionen of people are without a job or have no or not enough income. Dramatic enviromental damages are simultaneously the prize to pay for the extremly boom of its national economy.

In South Kore demonstrations against the government and the high youth unemployment are suppressed by bloody means. All examples from the long list of global crisis and problems which all of us know very well but for which no solution has been found yet.

interspace// an exhibition gives us courage - just in this moment                                                                                 and in this world

                                                                                                                                                    HAIYING XU_PEKING OPER O3_50x60cm

5 young artists from the People's Republik of China, South Korea, from Hungary and Germany - brought together in this constellation by to make together an exhibition. All of them made individually and seperately early formative experiences and sozialisations in their home countries in tbe East and West of our planet. These personal engrams have left their

traces and influenced their life and artistical context. But every single one of these artists has-in the light of his special personal and social development-done "a jump", taken the chance of an unexpected turning, has built and crossed a bridge: away from the preprogrammed monodimensional lifeplan;towards a global and international focus. To the open and curious dialogue with other people, generations and cultures. This leads to a self-transformation, based on a profound intellectual platform and a cross-border humanism.

Their exciting, unusual and always successful lifejourney in the interspace// Demonstranten them as real cosmopolitans.

                                                                                                                                                                                          text/copyright tr